Understanding The Difference Between Architraves And Skirting Boards

949558A lot of people still have a confusion of what is a skirting board and what is an architrave? Both of the items have got more or less the same use however they are entirely different. Skirting board and architraves can help you in hiding the pipe works and another space area which can make your house look dull. Skirt boards and architraves have got into an advanced version as the usage of them went on a high.

Nowadays people select the skirting boards and architraves according to their artwork and the way it looks other than the original use. The use of skirting boards are mostly at the bottom of walls and doors and comes in different varieties such as MDF, wood or PVC. Solid oak skirting board can bring together the beauty of your house. Myhouseconstruction.com can give you advice on the issues you face regarding building materials. Let us go through some of the differences of skirting boards and architraves.

Bullnose and chamfered are the common types of architraves. They normally fit around the outer edges of a structure. Architraves come in many shapes so if you need one you need to cut it. Cutting an architrave is not difficult, however, it will be good if you do a little research on it. Skirting boards, if you compare with architrave has got a lot of different varieties and different styles and shapes. You can decide the shape according to your wall profile.

Skirting board’s major advantage is its durability. If you are using skirting boards in a home that is prone to damages, you are on the right path by selecting skirting boards. It is very easy to gloss skirting boards. Skirting boards are available in different colors. Architraves also come in decorative pieces so that it can provide color and can give a theme to the house. Architraves are of timber, rubber, plaster, etc.

You can buy architrave according to the period the house was built in. For example, a Victorian- era house will have ornate architraves whereas a modern house will always prefer architraves that are less decorative. In the case of skirting board, there are still some people who do not agree that skirting boards are also a great household décor. It protects the walls from the obstacles such as kicks, abrasion, etc. as skirting boards are of high- quality wood. Also, a variety of color is available so that you can mix and match according to your wish. Most of the skirting boards are eco-friendly that it can enhance the beauty of your house and can help your house look elegant.

The main disadvantage of skirting board is, if you do not install it properly, it can be a big obstacle for you wherein the disadvantage of architrave is it comes in different shapes, and if you want a specific shape, then you need to cut it. The basic point it whether its skirting boards or architraves, The only thing you need to keep in mind is the selection of those items which can improve the beauty of your home.

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