How To Drink In Style? Buy A Decanter Set, Of Course!

how-to-drink-in-styleHow many of us are living completely stressed out lives these days? Either we are rushing to the hectic world of the office, or working late nights trying to sort through endless files, or meeting impossible-to-meet deadlines. We hardly ever get the time to relax. But, with a glass of our favorite scotch in our hands at night, we can be sure to ease up a little and forget the worries of the day. And if you are one who likes to have guests over for a couple of drinks, then a liquor decanter set will be an ideal choice for you!

It seems drinking a little bit of alcohol is actually quite good for your physical health too. If the results of a recent study published at are to be believed, having a few pegs of your favorite drink can actually give a much-needed boost to our immune system, as well as ward off any potential illnesses caused by heart problems. Seems too good to be true? Well, I myself am not going to become an alcoholic just to get my heart into shape! But, I do enjoy the fact that we can relax from a stressed out day by just consuming a glass or two of the golden liquid!

There are many kinds of decanters now available. And, unlike those old bygone days without the internet, you needn’t depend on your local retailer for one. There are plenty of varieties of decanter sets available in online stores, and that too at highly affordable prices.

My personal favorite is the Ravenscroft Crystal Taylor Double Old Fashioned Decanter Set. This one is an absolute beauty! It is a hand-made crystal decanter set, made from completely lead-free crystal. So, it really is quite safe, with none of those nasty toxins leaching into the drink. It has a capacity of approx. 1 liter, so it could fill that entire whiskey bottle you have just bought.

Now, there are many people who will ask whether it isn’t a bother to go out and buy something as fancy as a decanter set? But, to them, I will say only this. You have bought your drink, and you have made sure it is a good and worthy choice. Then, why not indulge yourself in style? A decanter set is a stylish piece, and at one point of time was an absolute essential in all well-off homes. A fact that anyone who ever saw any of the episodes of that classic TV show called Downtown Abbey would attest to. I thought it was simply smashing to have a classy old butler pour out the best wines into your glass from a classy little crystal decanter!

So, if you are going to buy one, I suggest you get yourself one that is classy and brings out the finer points in your character. After all, this is one of the main things your guests will notice at the next time they have drinks with you at your place.

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