Details Of Scientific Study Carried On The GHRP 6 Peptide

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Here we present you the results of scientific studies carried on the GHRP-6 peptide. This study was carried out in a controlled environment at a laboratory on animal test subjects. However further research is required to validate the findings of this study.

GHRP-6 is a hex-peptide. This means there are six amino acids linked together in a covalent peptide bond in this compound. It belongs to the family of peptides known as secretagogue peptide. The molecular weight of this product is 873.014.

Let’s now look at the reaction of this peptide on several organs of test animal subjects.

Effect of GHRP-6 on the Pituitary Gland:
The pituitary gland is a tiny gland in the size of a pea located under the frontal portion of the brain in mammals. It is responsible for controlling several important functions such as regulating blood pressure, water levels in the body and in pain sensitivity. It is also known as the gland that controls the growth. When animal test subjects were given a dose of sterilized GHRP-6 the functions of the pituitary gland were highly elevated. The natural ability of the gland to stop the production of endocrine secretions was inhibited. This led to the increase in the secretions of the endocrine glands.

Effect of GHRP-6 on Ghrelin:
Ghrelin is the hormone responsible for inducing hunger. When Ghrelin is secreted, the appetite of the test animal subject rises. Lower Ghrelin means lower appetite. When GHRP-6 was introduced on the test animal subjects, there was a marked increase in the hunger and desire to consume food in the animal subjects. The extra energy produced as a result of consuming extra food was shown to further increase the endocrine secretions of the pituitary gland.

Effect of GHRP-6 on the Nervous System:
When the test animal subjects were given the peptide, the GHRP-6 peptide was found to flow in the central nervous system leading to the increase in the secretion of IGF-1. This molecule which has similar properties to insulin is the primary factor behind growth.

GHRP-6 and Injury:
When the test animal subjects were treated with sterilized GHRP-6 peptide the cell survival or revival rate was found to markedly increase. This was especially true in the case of an Ischemic injury. An Ischemic injury is one where there is a shortage of oxygen and glucose to the cells as a result of increase in blood pressure. The peptide was shown to help in faster recovery of the damaged cells during an ischemic injury thereby helping the test animal subjects recover faster.

These were the findings of the scientific study carried on the properties of GHRP-6 on test animals. If you want to buy this peptide for your clinical study, you can easily buy from several online sellers who sell this product for research uses. Never buy from a seller who doesn’t have a return policy. Also it is advisable to purchase from a seller who has fast shipping so that you can proceed with your study without having to wait for the product indefinitely.

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